They couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again…

May That Sad Day Not Repeat With You

We spend a significant portion of our pay checks on things that may happen. There’s “the past” section of you budget labeled debt. There’s “the present” section like food, fun and mortgage or rent or better, rent to own. Then there’s “the future” section… Health insurance, house insurance if you are looking at that mortgage, car insurance…and ID theft protection!? Good grief, great, what’s next? Name protection?broken-943413_960_720

Actually, yes. That’s included in Identity Theft Protection.

If you would buy protection for your assets, why not buy protection for your money…that’s an easy “chicken or the egg”. Money is the egg!

It’s worth it to have because the banks job isn’t to protect your Identity. That’s a separate service that you need these days, unfortunately. Specialization of tasks has happened through the Industrial revolution. The banks do warn you of suspicious activity, occasionally or eventually. But, again, that’s not their main job so they aren’t going to be the ultimate at it.

Also many hackers steal your identity through the bank. The target sometimes isn’t the best line of defense. It’s the sniper; outside of the apparent pictures. Way over here, waiting in the wings is Ultimate Identity Theft Protection.

Who Would You Complain To When You Attempt To Handle Fraudulent Activity On Your Account Due To The ‘Bad Eggs’ Out There?

Let the banks do what banks do best (loaning out your money at interest) and let us do what we do best, here at Ultimate Identify Theft Protection (exactly what it sounds like).

If you think hard boiled about it there are pieces of your identity scattered all around town. The Car dealership attaches a credit report to your file, if you’ve ever financed a car. All your past employers have your  information. Find you on google earth at a gas pump…Maybe a fly that’s actually a remote controlled flying camera is watching you type your pin into the key pad, and gets the card numbers from the County Municipal Hall where you paid for a license once. You know they don’t have up-to-snuff technology.

No one else can catch theft quicker. If you are lucky we can even catch errors on your credit report and have those misplaced identity mistakes eliminated, ultimately. 70% of all credit reports have errors, and through The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1972 these errors can be reported…and that’s just one way Ultimate Identity Theft will go to bat for you. Sign up today.