Mortgages aren’t handed out by Lending Vending Machines that do not discriminate. No, it’s paperwork filled out by a person…using standards, an index and credit scores…very concrete things

But humans aren’t perfect. 70% of credit scores have mistakes in the report.

Review: Redlining is the human mortgage lender doing shifty things with applications of minority groups. Getting into a home can be a highly subjective process – susceptible to human poor habits, poor beliefs systems…13472299_10153686219662849_89646045_n

The U.K. is even reclaiming the word “Red” with their campaign “Show Racism The Red Card”.  That’s a pretty great idea. If someone is redlining you – pull out a little red card in your pocket. Of course, it could be mistaken for the wrong “Red Card” – Target’s Credit Card.  So, if you love this idea…carry a red card and write something on it so it cannot be mistaken for a Target credit or debit card…like, “I love living…in a house…”

Need to catch up: Read Let’s Talk History: Real Problems with Race Inequality In Grand Rapids Real Estate here. 

How is redlining done: Read Let’s Talk Specifics: Real Problems With Race Inequality In Grand Rapids Real Estate here

There’s The Problem: Grand Rapids, Like Our Nation, Has an Race Issue.

environmental-awareness-679668_960_720Heaven forbid you personally have experienced questionable treatment by the government or financial institutions. Hopefully you are “blind to color” and see humans as one race with equal opportunity. Living in the dream could make the ideal come true.

Here’s The Solution: Awareness – Compassion – Civil Action

  • The State of Opportunity is one avenue to explore what’s really going on?….This is the avenue of awareness. Be aware of the issue, observe, report and ask questions. Engage the issue, do not ignore it.

A friend told me recently that the difference between a compassionate person and an empathetic one is the empathetic person feels your pain with you and the compassionate person sees you suffering and does something to end it. How beautiful.

If something doesn’t seem right…say something. It’s like the BART station announcement “See Something – Say Something.” It begs the question…say something to who? Have you heard about the FruitVale BART station murder? It’s not a secret the race tensions are running high, creating exactly the climate needed to confront latent, covert forms of racism.  

File Your Housing Discrimination Complaint Online

Hal M. Bundrick, CFP wrote an excellent article raising awareness, pointing to compassionate civil action. Read it here. One very obvious, but good tip he had was to SHOP AROUND when in the market for a house. 

Use Housing Institutions That Do Not Discriminatelife-1426252_960_720

You know how businessmen are…any niche they can find in a market, they’ll dig right in to provide their service and make a living at a higher standard all the time…Well, looks like there’s a market of people improperly, or criminally, serviced by largely the larger financial institutions. Let someone with connections – connect you.

The very unequal footing this nation began on, the redlining that’s happened in the last century+, and the domino effect…start anywhere on the chain…and one thing leads to another…

There’s hope. There is hope.

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