Where there are two or more working together, you get success. The same should go with real estate, particularly real estate selling (and later on down the road, real estate buying). That’s what the CARAVAN is: a unique approach to single-family-home-value analysis and market performance predictions.

Instead of just hiring a realtor to sell your home in a blind market (there’s nothing wrong with that when working with the best professional, though), get the CARAVAN and have a team of professionals assess your home in the best possible way, establishing the condition, uniqueness, and timing in terms of how fast it will sell.

And just how good would the team be? Here’s what makes up your typical CARAVAN:

  • 5 to 10 Local Real Estate Salespersons
  • 1 Interior Decorator and Stager
  • 1 Showing Coordinator
  • 1 General Contractor
  • and 1 Online and Social Media Marketer

The benefit? This team works together to ensure your home sells fast, and for top dollar. It’s pretty simple: why hire one professional — when you can hire a CARAVAN of professionals?