Who knew that mathematical statistics would make a difference in real estate? When you think about it…it does. That’s why GRHV has the unique method of determining the likelihood and frequency by which your home will sell based on the numbers. It’s called your Speedscore, analyzing these factors:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Uniqueness

It sounds simple enough except for the fact that the assessment also includes prior sales history of comparable homes in close proximity with the property in question. The idea is that your Speedscore isn’t just an “analysis.” It’s a prediction. A very ACCURATE prediction. Here’s the proof —

  • Speedscore Has a Remarkable 57 of 57 Listings SOLD Successfully Based on Assessment
  • With Speedscore, Homes Took 11 Days Average to Sell on the Market After Positive Assessment
  • Speedscore Allows for Average Sales Price Increases by 5% to 6% Above the Ask Based on Analysis
  • With Speedscore, Only ONE Open House Is Ever Required to Sell the Home
  • Speedscore Is SO Accurate That Just ONE Price Reduction Occurs on Average Per Home
  • Speedscore Is SO Successful That the Method Currently Maintains a ZERO Listing Expiration Record
  • And Even Better…. Speedscore Maintains a Perfect “Score” of 100% for Sales and Closings

Think of it as home selling insurance. With Speedscore, you know you’re going to sell your home (or not). Interested in selling your house and need to assess your home’s value? Sign up RIGHT NOW.